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We Take Blazing Sharp
Images of Your Artwork

So you can sell more art online, get accepted to more shows

and exhibitions, and create stunning prints without stressing

over the technical details yourself.

Serving Midcoast Maine + Beyond

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We Believe Art Is Meant To Be Shared

For as long as it has existed, art has brought people together to celebrate the human experience. Art invites us to be a part of a story much larger than ourselves and we believe this story is meant to be shared and preserved. 


We believe that the digital image is the most powerful modern tool for sharing your art with the world. You use them on your websites, your social media, your email newsletters. You use them to submit to shows and exhibitions and you use them to create stunning prints. 


Digital images allow artists to reach across great distances to bring people together with their art and we’re on a mission to put this powerful tool in the hands of artists who will use them to build a meaningful following.


If you are one of these artists, let’s get to work

Why Quality Matters

See the difference yourself.

hopkins_6 copy
hopkins_6 copy_edited.jpg

(Captured with iPhone 14)


(Captured with our multi-shot camera system at Premium Quality)

Are Poor Quality Images Costing You Opportunities?

Digital Images are often the first impression your art makes

so it's important to make it count.

Whether it's an online buyer, a gallery owner, or judges reviewing your submission for a juried show or exhibition, their opinion of your work is based solely on the digital images that you provide. 

If you don't put high-quality images forward, you risk deterring buyers and giving judges and gallery owners the wrong impression of your work.


(Amy Lowry, Untitled, Acrylic and Reclaimed Paint on Reclaimed Wood, Rockport, ME)

Be Proud To Share Your Work And 
Grow A Devoted Following

Put your best foot forward with stunning digital images that make viewers want to reach out and feel the texture of every brushstroke.

Make buyers and judges lean-in with vibrant, true to life colors that capture your art in stunning clarity without the headache of trying to do it yourself.

We are determined to make it as easy as possible for you to get the images you need: 

Simply bring your art to us and we'll photograph it in our controlled studio environment using advanced techniques, and organize your images into a custom spreadsheet so that you can keep building your art career without stressing over the technical details.

Want to make it even easier? 

We'll come to you with our mobile setup (see Our Process to learn more).

Lane Gower

Lead Photographer

Anthony Campagnoli

Project Manager

Learn More About Us and Our Process

We're a two person team on a mission

As photographers for many years, we've been asked by friends to photograph their artwork, but we were always disappointed with the results. It seemed that no matter what we did the colors were never accurate, the quality was never sharp, and the lights left an awful glare.

Starting out with a cheap camera and determination, we spent countless hours improving our methods to capture the best results with the gear that we had. 

Although we've upgraded our equipment significantly since then, that determination to constantly innovate is still at the heart of what we do. We are always striving to develop the best methods, to acquire the best gear, and to build the most advanced setup that we can.

We are on a mission to capture stunning results so that artists can share their work as it was meant to be seen.

Lane Gower +

Anthony Campagnoli



Our In-Studio Process

1. Drop-Off

Drop off your artwork at our studio OR we'll pick it up for you depending on the size.

2. Session

We photograph your artwork with our multi-shot camera system in our professional studio setup all while wearing white glove for safe handling.

3. Pick-Up

Pickup your artwork from our studio and we'll send you high quality digital images organized into a custom spreadsheet database

Our Mobile Process

1. We Come To You

As long as you have a wall to hang artwork and enough space to set up our camera and lights, we're good to go.

2. Session

We photograph your artwork with our multi-shot camera system all while using white gloves for safe handling. 

3. Image Delivery

We'll simply  be on our way and when your photos are ready, we'll send them to you organized into a custom spreadsheet database.

With Your First Photo Session 

We'll create a free custom spreadsheet
to organize your work.


Fastest Turnaround

Standard Quality

priced per piece

Up to 15 pieces per session

Best for:


Social Media

Small Prints

Most Versatile

High Quality

priced per piece

Up to 10 pieces per session

Best for:


Social Media

Small Prints

Medium Prints


Hi-Res Archiving

Best Quality

Premium Quality

priced per piece

Up to 5 pieces per session

Coming Soon!

Best Deal

Project Package

discounted custom rate

For projects over

15 pieces Standard Quality

10 pieces High Quality

5 pieces Premium Quality

Waived Set-Up Fee

Free Pick-Up

10% Off Per Piece 

First Time Client?

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Schedule a session date and we'll take it from there. It's that simple.

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